Commercial activities and advertising campaigns

In the Julian area advertising develops in 1893-94 through Giuseppe Sigon’s work and the contribution of the Modiano company from Trieste. Sigon started a new business inside Modiano, a lithographic production centre for big size prints like advertising posters, etc. Sigon worked for posters advertising shipping company Lloyd, in particular the Austrian and the American Lloyd, numerous firms, shops and local activities in the Julian area. After some time, a professional training centre was founded inside the company where artists started learning chromolithography. The best artists from Trieste, Istria, Fiume and Dalmatia collaborated with Modiano to create ads on behalf of third parties. Some of them were Orell, Cambon, Wostry, Lucano, Grimani and Flumiani. After Sigon’s death his son Pollione, together with his brothers Bruno and Filiberto, took over the role of main painter and graphic designer inside the company until the 1960s. His artistic production is characterized by a continuous evolution, ranging from sharp caricatures to liberty style with hints of art deco and futurism. His artistic taste definitely shaped the products of the company, which meanwhile led the graphic field in Venezia Giulia.