Overview of the museum

The visitor is invited to experience the museum and its eleven rooms - each exploring a different theme - starting from the second floor.


Room no. 1 -  Historical introduction

The exhibition starts with a first little multimedia room inside room no. 1. The visitor can choose from four different videos dealing with the history of Istria. A big cutout of Istria decorates the ceiling of the multimedia room and of the archeological section. In this section many valuable archaeological finds of the Istrian and Dalmatian areas are on display. These items are part of the Civic Museum of History and Art of Trieste collection, including the “Istrian kid”, a Greek bronze goat discovered in Pirano dating back to ca. 500 - 400 BC. On one of the walls, a timeline shows the chronological development of the Istrian, Fiuman and Dalmatian history. Each highlighted period of time can be explored thanks to the touchscreen below and its informative content ordered into 34 files. On the other wall you will see three cartographic maps of Istria, each showing a different historical period.

The following section is divided into three rooms and displays the material heritage.