The Civic Museum of the Civilization of Istria, Fiume and Dalmatia

Opening hours to the public

The museum located in via Torino 8 is now closed to the public because it is in the process of relocating at Magazzino 26 (Porto Vecchio, Trieste). The first section of the museum, which has already been set up on the second floor of the new site, can ONLY be visited by booking one of the guided tours organized by I.R.C.I.

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Overview of the museum

The visitor is invited to experience the museum and its eleven rooms - each exploring a different theme - starting from the second floor.


The Constitution

The creation of a museum dedicated to the preservation of the North and East Adriatic cultural and social identities was a natural consequence of the establishment of the former “permanent Institution”, then Regional Institute for the Istrian Culture (I.R.C.I.)